About Us

NP Psych Navigator is a centralized resource for nurse practitioners (NPs) who are treating patients with mental illnesses. The website content is curated based on the unique challenges that NPs face in clinical practice.

NP Psych Navigator aims to empower and support NPs in talking to patients and caregivers about mental illnesses and providing them with helpful resources.

By joining NP Psych Navigator, you’ll join a growing community of nurse practitioners working to further their profession and mental healthcare in America. You can also access our downloadable content, including commonly used standardized psychiatric rating scales, quick guides for NPs and caregivers, and patient education materials. As NP Psych Navigator grows, you can also opt to get regular updates on newly posted content.

Our Story

Our community was formed to connect NPs with tools to help them identify mental illnesses and care for affected patients and their families.

Though 1 in 5 adults in the United States are believed to have some form of mental illness, such as depression, bipolar disorder, or schizophrenia, over half are overlooked and do not receive treatment.1,2 A shortage of mental healthcare providers may be a factor in this—on average, there is only 1 mental healthcare provider for 350 individuals.2

As one of the fastest growing groups of healthcare workers, NPs are an important part of the solution to providing adequate mental healthcare. However, many NPs do not receive sufficient education in mental healthcare.3 NP Psych Navigator was created to help bridge that gap.

NP Psych Navigator is supported and funded by AbbVie Medical Affairs. Content development and support are provided by HMP Global.


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