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Congresses are a good way to stay up-to-date with the most current research and evidence-based practices in nursing care, and provide an opportunity to learn new skills and network with other practitioners. Visit our curated calendar of events for your convenience.

Please note that we are regularly updating this calendar; however, please be sure to check with the event organizers or the official event website for the most up-to-date information.
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February 2022

27th Annual National Psychopharmacology Update

Feb 16, 2022 - Feb 19, 2022. Paris Hotel and Casino Las Vegas, Las Vegas, NV

The focus of the NPA meeting is to provide comprehensive state-of-the-art information on the psychopharmacological treatment of psychiatric disorders most commonly encountered in clinical practice.

Estimated Attendance: 1,600

Audience: Psychiatrists, primary healthcare providers, psychologists, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, psychiatric nurses, therapists

Event Focus: Psychiatry, psychopharmacology

Event website

March 2022

2022 Annual Meeting of the American Psychopathological Association

Mar 03, 2022 - Mar 05, 2022. Crowne Plaza Times Square, New York, NY

The APPA meeting is an opportunity for mental health specialists to learn about, discuss, and debate cutting edge issues in disordered human behavior.

Estimated Attendance: 220

Audience: Psychopathologists, psychologists, psychiatrists, neurobiologists, mental health professionals, social workers, nurses, students

Event Focus: Psychiatry

Future Events: March 2-4 2023; Crowne Plaza Times Square, New York, NY. 

Event website

Annual Health Policy Conference of the American Association of Nurse Practitioners

Mar 06, 2022 - Mar 08, 2022. Washington, DC

The AANP Health Policy Conference is an opportunity for nurse practitioners to network, share information, and work with elected representatives.

Estimated Attendance: 300

Audience: Family medicine, nursing

Event Focus: Nursing

Venue: Please visit event website for further details

Event website

Annual Educational Meeting of the American Association of Neuroscience Nurses

Mar 12, 2022 - Mar 15, 2022. Phoenix Convention Center, Phoenix, Arizona

The AANN Congress is dedicated to educating neuroscience nurses in evidence-based practice.

Estimated Attendance: 1,000

Audience: Neuroscience nurses, nurse practitioners, critical care nurses, surgical nurses, advanced practice nurses, pediatric nurses, rehabilitation nurses, nurse researchers, administrators, educators

Event Focus: Neurology and neurosciences, nursing

Event website

Annual Conference of the International Society of Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurses (ISPN 2022)

Mar 16, 2022 - Mar 19, 2022. Redondo Beach, California

The ISPN meeting supports advanced practice psychiatric-mental health nurses in promoting mental health care, literacy, and policy worldwide.

Estimated Attendance: 250

Audience: Mental health nurses, psychiatric nurses, nurses

Event Focus: Nursing, psychiatry

Venue: Please visit event website for further details

Event website

Annual Meeting of the American Neuropsychiatric Association

Mar 16, 2022 - Mar 19, 2022.

The ANPA meeting shares research and best practices for clinical practice at the intersection of neurology and psychiatry.

Estimated Attendance: 350-400

Audience: Neuropsychiatrists, neuropsychologists, neuroscientists, neuropathologists, neurosurgeons, neuroradiologists, behavioral neurologists

Event Focus: Neurology and neurosciences, psychiatry

Venue:  Please visit event website for further details

Event website

Annual Conference of the Anxiety and Depression Association of America

Mar 17, 2022 - Mar 20, 2022. Sheraton Denver Downtown Hotel, Denver, Colorado

The ADAA conference is a multidisciplinary meeting dedicated to educating practitioners and sharing research for the prevention, treatment, and cure of anxiety, depression, OCD, PTSD, and co- occurring disorders.

Estimated Attendance: 1,000

Audience: Psychologists, psychiatrists, physicians, neurologists, social workers, counselors, behavior medicine specialists, case managers

Event Focus: Psychiatry

Future Events: April 13-April 16, 2023; Renaissance Washington, Downtown Washington, DC. 

Event website

April 2022

Annual Meeting and Scientific Sessions of the Society of Behavioral Medicine

Apr 06, 2022 - Apr 09, 2022. Hilton Baltimore Inner Harbor, Baltimore, Maryland

The SBM meeting is a multidisciplinary conference focused on behavioral medicine.

Estimated Attendance: 2,100 

Audience: Psychologists, psychiatrists, behavioral medicine specialists, behavioral researchers, mental health professionals, physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses, health educators, dietitians, students

Event Focus: Behavior, psychology

Future Events: April 26-29, 2023; Phoenix, AZ

Event website

Annual National Council for Behavioral Health Conference (NATCON22)

Apr 11, 2022 - Apr 13, 2022. Gaylord National Harbor, Washington, DC

The National Council for Behavioral Health is a leading organization for mental health and addiction services and treatment. NATCON is the largest behavioral health conference in healthcare.

Estimated Attendance: 4,000+

Audience: Psychologists, psychiatrists, mental health professionals, psychiatric researchers, behavioral researchers, substance abuse specialists, state and federal government officials

Event Focus: Behavior, psychiatry, psychology

Event website

Neuroscience Education Institute Synapse (NEI Synapse)

Apr 22, 2022 - Apr 24, 2022. Fairmont Austin, Austin, TX

The NEI Synapse congress shares evidence-based science with practitioners to help them improve patient care.

Estimated Attendance: 500

Audience: Neuropsychopharmacologists, psychiatrists, psychologists, neuroscientists, psychiatric nurses, general and family practitioners, nurse practitioners, pharmacists

Event Focus: Neurology and neurosciences; psychiatry

Event website

May 2022

2022 American Psychiatry Association Annual Meeting

May 21, 2022 - May 25, 2022. New Orleans, Louisiana

The APA is one of the largest psychiatric organizations worldwide, and the meeting brings practitioners together to learn about up-to-date research and clinical practice.

Estimated Attendance: 15,000

Audience: Psychiatrists, psychologists, psychiatric nurses, mental health professionals, occupational therapists, social workers, physicians, residents, medical students, advocates 

Event Focus: Psychiatry

Future Events: May 20-24, 2023; San Francisco, CA

Venue: Please visit event website for further details

Event website

June 2022

Annual Conference of The International Society for Bipolar Disorders

Jun 10, 2022 - Jun 12, 2022. Virtual

The ISBD meeting is a forum for practitioners and researchers, to meet and learn about new advances in the diagnosis and treatment of mood disorders.

Estimated Attendance: 700-750

Audience: Clinical psychiatrists, pharmacologists, psychologists, general and family practitioners, mental health nurses, social workers, mental health professionals, patient advocates, pharmaceutical scientists, basic scientists

Event Focus: Psychiatry

Event website

2022 American Association of Nurse Practitioners National Conference

Jun 21, 2022 - Jun 26, 2022. Orlando, Florida

One of the largest conferences for nurse practitioners in the United States, the meeting brings diverse practitioners together for research, legislative and policy updates as well as networking opportunities.

Estimated Attendance: 5,700-5,800

Audience: Nurse practitioners

Event Focus: Family medicine, nursing

Venue: Please visit event website for further details

Event website

September 2022

Psych Congress 2022

Sep 17, 2022 - Sep 20, 2022. New Orleans, Louisiana

The Psych Congress is organized by the Psychiatry & Behavioral Health Learning Network and brings together various mental health practitioners to improve patient care.

Estimated Attendance: 2,000

Event Focus: Psychiatry

Future Events: Sept 7-10, 2023; Nashville, TN

Venue: Please visit event website for further details 

Event website

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