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Psychiatric scales and related tools can be helpful in screening, diagnosing, and monitoring your patients. Learn more about some of the different psychiatric scales here.

Psychiatric rating scales are commonly used in both research and clinical practice to facilitate patient evaluations for mental health. Scales are designed to meet various needs, including screening, diagnosis, and treatment monitoring. Explore our Psychiatric Scales NPsychlopedia for assessment tools you may be able to incorporate into your daily practice.  The decision about which tool to use will vary and should be dictated by the setting you practice in, the age of your patient, and the instrument’s intended use.

This list is provided for educational purposes only. The scales described here are provided for your convenience. This is not an exhaustive list. AbbVie Inc. does not endorse or recommend the use of any specific scale. Healthcare providers should use their clinical judgment when reviewing educational resources on NP Psych Navigator.

Please note: While each category in the drop-down menu has been independently validated, the combinations across categories have not all been examined in the literature. Additional research may be needed in order to confirm whether a particular scale is appropriate for a particular patient population.

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